ADA Finance
Core Team

Christof Waton - Founder / CEO

Chris has over 4 years experience as CBDO in the crypto centralized exchange industry and blockchain business development consultancy, bringing DeFi features, strategy planning and incentives to the market. Chris’ vision is tocontribute to the evolution of the DeFi world and put a new standard for the industry.

Laurynas Antanavičius - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Laurynas is a Certified Agile practitioner with 10+ years of experience managing engineering teams to deliver Cloud infrastructure projects, blockchain-based real-time systems and high-traffic web marketplaces.
During his career he led Data Center infrastructure projects with budgets over 50M $ for the Bank of Lithuania and the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania. He served as a CTO launching a centralized crypto exchange to Top 50 positionin CMC and delivering a liquidity framework ‘CoinStruction’ for centralized crypto exchanges.
Marius Naujokas - Lead UI/UX Developer
Marius is an incredibly efficient web designer specialising in user-focused web platform designs. He’s delivered numerous design projects for crypto and e-commerce startups. He is consistently on-point and on-time delivering unique UX solutions.

Dominique Schoonbrood - Website manager

Dominique is the Lead Back-End Developer at Sanmax, a specialized web development company in Belgium. Dominique developed and managed the delivery of the KRC Genk website among many others.
Ricardo Rodrigues - Dev Ops Engineer
Ricardo is an experienced cloud and AWS Solutions Architect. Ricardo is currently a DevOps Engineer/Cloud Architect in ADA Finance and works with CI/DC pipelines in GitHub, Iac tools like Terraform and container orchestration Docker and Kubernetes.
Francisco Brito - Senior Software Engineer
Francisco has experience has a Full stack developer. Started working in the industry in Natixis where he got introduced to Azure and started his studies in the Cloud and DevOps. He has several certifications in Azure and AWS.
Abhishek Mishra - Frontend Engineer
Abhishek has over 4 years of experience being a Frontend Developer / Engineer in previous startups. His latest employment was with Tezsure, a DeFi solution for Tezos blockchain.
Eva Beliavciv - Investor Relations
Eva entered the Fintech industry as a translator and business developer. Her latest experiences as community growth manager in OKEX and past experience in Howdoo, introduced Eva to the DeFi world.

Smart Contract Dev Team

At the moment we’re cooperating with a developer team specializing in Haskell coding. The team is composed of 2 Computer Science PhDs and a couple of junior Haskell programming language developers with some blockchain-related coding experience already under their belt. We’re very confident in their ability to deliver results and follow the roadmap milestones in the projected time.
Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose the team and their identities at the moment. The com- petition for Haskell developers in the Cardano space is truly immense and this information is kept confidential.
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