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Referral Program & Address Milestone Rewards
ADAFi is the first DeFi platform to bring a referral and address milestones reward program, to incentivize user activity. There will be 3 referral levels. Users are rewarded upon reaching Address Milestones, plus, they can also earn rewards when their personal network reaches a specific milestone.
Each user will need to deposit 50 ADAFI Tokens to a smart contract to enable their referral link to be generated. These tokens will be locked for 12 months. The minimum reward amount redeemable is 25 ADAFI Tokens.
Rewards on Staking fee*
Referral Realized Lending Profits*
Address Milestones*
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
*The numbers are taken at the moment of writing the White Paper. Each smartcontract will be dynamic and possible to adjust rewards.

Address Milestone Rewards

Figure 12: Address Milestones

10% Kickback Program

ADAFi also introduces the 10% kickback program to incentivise users to stay connected to a network. As the user’s activity generates address bonuses, which his referral will get a commission from, the referred user also receives a kickback.
Example: Tertius refers Secundus Secundus refers Primus Primus refers me. I reach 1,000,000$ trading volume on P2Pswap, and therefore I receive 500 ADAFI Tokens as reward for reaching the Address Milestone. Primus receives 10% commission = 50 ADAFI Secundus receives 5% commission = 25 ADAFI Tertius receives 3% commission = 15 ADAFI
If I have deposited 500 ADAFI in the affiliate smartcontract, even without having any referrals, the kickback program is active. This means that every affiliate kicks back 10% of the rewards they get from me. So I receive 5 ADAFI from Primus, 2.5 ADAFI from Secundus and 1.5 ADAFI from Tertius.
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