ADA Finance
Decentralised Price Feed
A decentralized price feed offers trust and transparency, ruling out manipulated liquidations for borrowers and/or Margin Traders. ADA Finance has therefore engaged with Charli3’s Oracle, in a strategic partnership, to take a completely decentralized approach. Charli3 is the first successfully deployed price feed oracle on the Cardano Main Net.
As a chain-agnostic oracle, Charli3 allows us to integrate off-chain information within our data streams. Being built on the Cardano blockchain gives Charli3 a robust and scalable platform with minimal transaction fees.
ADA Finance’s function aims to stabilize a world of crypto, where volatile market fluctuations play on traders’ emotions and impact their financial decisions. This leads to a vision and goal of building a cohesive ecosystem to benefit the regular investor - which is a needed and exciting corner of DeFi.
Not only does the Charli3 oracle enable us to maintain a truly decentralized liquidation approach, but also allows us to provide the liquidation reports on the blockchain. All technology combined makes the ADA Finance platform one of the most advanced and transparent in the industry!
Last modified 3mo ago
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