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ADAFi LaunchPad
An Initial Dex Offering or an IDO is the initial offering of tokens that are conducted and controlled by the underlying Decentralized Exchange Protocol. Contributed funds are vested, managed, and made available to the project gradually, in order, to prevent rug- pulling and exit scams. A well-functioning Launchpad protocol creates a safe and trustless crypto fundraising environment.
Projects that perform an IDO on the ADAFi Launchpad agree to the terms and conditions set by the company. They will go through a due diligence process prior to becoming available for voting by the ADAFi Token Ambassadors to start fundraising. Up to 2 projects can perform fundraising each month on the ADAFi Launchpad.


The fundraising on the ADAFi Launchpad will be in 2 allocations:
  • Lottery private pool for ADAFI Token holders. Working with Tier levels allows the smallest holders to have a chance to invest.
  • Whitelisting investment pool, organized by the project.

Funds distribution

The launchpad contributions are distributed as follows:
Figure 9: Launchpad contributions distribution
To protect the ADA Finance ecosystem the: *70% Project development is released on milestones reached on the project’s roadmap. ** 20% is locked for 12months in the liquidity pool on ADAFi Swap *** 7.5% ADA Finance is used for the smartcontract audit, setting up farming pools and PR activities.
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