ADA Finance
ADA Finance DeFi
The Decentralized Finance world is an evolution within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry as it brings a whole new opportunity for earning multiple passive income streams. The incentives, rewards and safety DeFi provides to the users of the platform is pushing smart contract interaction to higher levels. ADA Finance, inclusive of ADAFi Swap, is bringing DeFi incentives in a way no other project has ever done before.


At ADA Finance, we don’t believe in lockups when it comes to staking. Users need to be able to withdraw their staked amount, or claim their rewards, without any delay. Any project listed on ADAFi Swap can apply for staking.
The ADA Token has a progressive reward model so users are motivated to engage long term. The longer a user stakes, the more rewards APR he will get.
The staking rewards are allocated every second and are free to be claimed or compounded. As the user benefits from staking, we also want to have the incentives available as long as possible, if not forever. For that reason there will be fees in place not only to refill the incentives pool, but also for your referral tree (with possible kickback). This way, everybody benefits and gets rewarded for their activity on the platform.
The Staking fees are distributed quarterly as following:
Figure 5: Staking fee distribution
*The allocation of the affiliate levels that are not filled get reallocated automatically to the incentives pool.

ADA Finance Farming

Liquidity mining, otherwise known as yield farming, represents a new way of utilizing cryptocurrencies by providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges. Since the primary goal of an exchange, or swap protocol, is to be liquid, DEXs seek to reward users willing to bring capital to their platform.
By providing liquidity to the pools on ADAFi Swap, participants earn liquidity points (LP) Those liquidity points determine the stake of the fees generated from transactions in the liquidity pool. While the token swapper pays the 0.3% fee to trade on ADAFi Swap, the liquidity provider earns crypto for providing liquidity that the first user will need. In essence, the larger the LP stake is, the larger share of trading fees can be earned (e.g. if you own 10% of the liquidity pool, you receive 10% of the swap fee).


To incentivize users to become a liquidity provider, ADA Finance sets up farming pools, also known as staking Liquidity Points, for trading pairs on ADAFi Swap. With farming, users deposit their Liquidity Points into the farming smart contract and therefore get a fair share, based on their share of LP’s they deposit, from a fixed rewards pool. During the time the investor’s LPs are in the farming smart contract, he still receives his share of the swap fee, but as reward on top of the farming contract.
Projects that wish to fundraise on the ADAFi Launchpad are obligated to set up a farming pool on ADA Finance, in order to offer the community an incentive for providing liquidity on the ADAFi Swap.


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